Artist Statement

"My work represents everything in this world the way that I interpret it. From my choice of color, or lack there of, to the style that I have chosen over the years to improve upon. There are so many different avenues in illustration to choose from. I could have been softer, or more colorful, more realistic, more or less intense in subject matter and yet this is what I have chosen to represent myself as a human being. My work is a direct representation of my mind and life, I see it as my daily journal, my meditation, my mental release of all that circulates in the upstairs that allows my heart to beat. I was never one for too much color and the idea of black and white is simple to me, like a journal entry where emotions and ideas are clearly stated not color coated with ticks. I suppose it drives the idea and message home for me quicker, it reaches my emotional core easier without the grey areas, without creating much depth to relatively simple ideas and issues."


Veronica Chojnacki


April 1st – 30th, 2016

Selected Works