Aleksandra Berczynski & MB Grupa Realizacji

Fringe Festival: Closure

September 4, 6, 10 at 7PM

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Travis Whiteneck

September 5 – 27

Mikhail Prosmushkin


September 5 – 27

Aleksandra Berczynski, photograph by Mikhail Prosmushkin

PII Gallery is happy to host Aleksandra Berczynski's latest mono-drama based upon the modern day conflicts found in her reality. Life is no longer a dream nor a vicious cycle of procrastination of what may come tomorrow. Closure yearns to discover the answers past all the existential questioning: to act or not to act; to stay or move on. Closure is about finding out 'How Do I Love Me?'

Work by Travis Whiteneck


Did you visit the PII Gallery last month and see our photo-shoot? Perhaps you even had your picture taken? Come and see how it all turned out: your portrait might be showed on our gallery walls. We'll be featuring select photographs by Misha Prosmushkin, shot in and inspired by the gallery, its regulars and passersby. If you like what you see, you'll be able to order your portrait and have it shipped to your house.