Joanna Salska

Recent Paintings

Michael Snyder


June 3 – July 30

Friday, July 1 from 6-9pm

Joanna Salska, TITLE 0085, mixed media, 12 x 17

Please watch our new interview with Joanna Salska, exhibiting this summer at PII Gallery.

"I've always made small collage studies, using cut up photographs and geometric scraps of painted paper to work through visual ideas. The scraps of paper are like stones for a stonemason: they tell me what to do and how to fit them together into cohesive, unified compositions. The resulting collages are both finished works in themselves, and studies that I translate into larger tempera and oil paintings."


Joanna Salska was born in Poland and received her MFA from Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. She is a painter and interdisciplinary artist. Passionate about political and social issues, she often touches these subjects in her art. Salska's paintings remarkable achievement is the creation of a sustained emotional effect despite multiple narrative tensions. There is a sense of quiet power, of emergence and beginnings, of wisdom against an anticipated struggle. Sometimes she uses pseudonym "Uba Owl" in her practice.

Her work has been shown at Foster Goldstrom Fine Arts, Allrich Gallery, PII, Roszkowska Galleries and others. She was invited twice to Beijing Biennale, and her paintings are in many collections, including Beijing Museum, Pamela Bonino, Yaddo Foundation, Washington Museum of Women in the Arts, and many other private collections.

Join us in June and July to see her most recent paintings

Michael Snyder, Geisha

"A source of vivid memory, emotion and for the possibilities within relationships to sound, NATURE provokes, evokes and predominates my awareness, dream experiences and responses to surrounding realities I live and create in. I use all of these influences to openly determine a visual and/or aural reaction and then journey into its many variations of form or consequence, transforming reality and thought."