The Nature of Time and Place

"For this intimate gallery group show, I chose works by these four artists with distinctive working processes and unique approaches to the theme,, the nature of time and place.

Sheila Miles creates her paintings through an automatic process. She draws and brushes areas with oils on canvas or wood panel, sometimes making few changes and other times reworking a surface with layers until her subject emerges complete. Her surroundings in Santa Fe, New Mexico, time of day, weather events and character of trees, landscape and terrain, inform these works.

Patricia Moss-Vreeland creates archival pigment prints by digitally manipulating, altering and rearranging images from her drawings, paintings, photographs and poetry. Through this juxtaposition, Moss-Vreeland reflects upon nature, neurological activity and natural phenomena, creating metaphors for time, place and memory.

Marta Sanchez’s paintings and prints depict familiar scenes observed in her city of origin and family home, San Antonio, Texas. Her paintings are informed by familial traditions, by Mexican folk and religious art particularly by retablo paintings. These selected oil paintings of railroad yards and prints of interiors, like a colorful print of her grandmother’s living room, transform time and place.

Perry Steindel creates intricate linear aerial maps of re-imagined world cities. He has begun combining and recombining these with images from the history of art and popular culture. Working without a computer, Steindel configures his selected source images through photocopy printing. His map drawings as they relate to his collection of images are aesthetically composed to create relationships between time and place."

- Robert Moss-Vreeland, Curator

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MAY 1 - MAY 29




Philadelphia, City I love

Ilya Lerner derives the theme for her latest body of work from experience as a life long city dweller. Though living in a small town for the last 15 years, a look through her past takes us on a journey through Moscow, New York, Boston and Houston. In Philadelphia, City I Love, Ilya depicts her latest urban excursions though the medium of painting. Affirming her love for Philadelphia, her imagery reflects her affinity for city life and all the regard it garners.

JUNE 5 - 27






Sculpture and Paintings

James Lerro, a native Philadelphian, is an artist of international acclaim having achieved a high level of success for his collage and cubist works. Lerro's sculptures incorporate the use of metal casting, allowing the artist to work on a large, imposing scale. His work is featured in the permanent collections of some of the country's most significant corporations, as well as the private collections of high profile art patrons such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Vincent Price.

JUNE 5 - 27








Patricia Moss-Vreeland



Ilya Lerner

James Lerro