Baltimore native, Steve Swann is an exceptional artist. He is an avid photographer, an expressive painter, but that’s not where his creative talents end. Steve is also a talented restorer of classic bicycles. His passion for bicycles and restorations began early. Fondly remembering family bike trips, he refurbished his first bicycle at age twelve, having found an old frame in a dumpster. Subsequent restorations would continue throughout the years resulting in a 30-year love affair with bikes.

In 2011, Steve started F.A.S.S. Custom Cycles to exhibit and market his creations to a wider audience. Using different painting mediums such as oils, acrylics and sprays, he breathes new life into old frames, worn wheels and discarded parts. Each of Steve’s cycles is highly customized, from the motors to the pedals, handle bars and wheel spokes. He works on different makes and models from several years and each bicycle is unique.

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Steve S. Swann

Smoother Cruisin' Bicycle Art Show

April 6th – 28th, 2012

Selected Works

Crimson Classic (orig. 1957)
Restored JC Higgins, Custom Motorized, Classic Cruiser Style