Sercihan Alioglu received his B.A. from College of Fine Arts in Mimar Sinan University (Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts), Istanbul, Turkey in 1988. He has been specialized in developing outdoor and monumental abstract sculptures since his college years, during which he implemented a number of such sculptures from marble, and from combination of concrete and stainless steel. Later on, he worked on outdoor figurative sculpture as well. This type of implementations includes those with no pedestals, which are erected directly on the pavements.

Sercihan’s work earned awards and recognition in a number of competitions, such as Human Rights Monument Competition, and Ruhi Su (a famous Turkish poet) Tomb Monument Competition. He implemented several tomb monuments, as well as large scale reliefs inspired by those of Hittite civilization. Sercihan’s work is not limited to large-scale sculptures, as he designed and implemented various busts and abstract sculptures, which took place in several group exhibitions and museums. He also developed and implemented furniture designs in metal, stone, glass, wood and their combinations.

Sercihan worked as an art educator in a private high school of İstanbul (Turkey). He built a sculpture studio for high school students. Later on, he developed and taught sculpture courses for different levels of classes, while maintaining the studio.

In recent years, Sercihan has started to work on smaller size abstract sculptures with a monumental spirit. They are inspired by everyday life.

About The Sculptures

"The story of these sculptures has started in the trashcans, which included grey styrofoams. These styrofoams inspired me to create the first models, as they were easy to carve, cut, insert and whittle. Moreover, they had the metal effect to some extent due to their color, which facilitated modeling. Then, the story merged into the regular story of metal sculpturing by the use of the materials such as clay, plaster and ytong. I prepared the selected models from all kinds of materials for casting by cleaning them with various tools and instruments. The models are, then, casted from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium using the technique called sand casting. I cleaned the resulting casts by various sharp tools and instruments. Some parts are polished further to have a shining effect. The parts are then assembled to complete the abstract compositions. The presentations of the sculptures are finalized by studying the pedestals. I believe that we will see these sculptures in larger sizes and in different places."


Sercihan Alioglu


December 3rd – 31st, 2010

Selected Works