Artist Statement

"The works presented by PII Gallery include some of the reflections accumulated in years of interior journeys, the odyssey of the spirit through painting, the imagination of an artist who dreams of humanity stamped by its baseness.

The animal world, Greek mythology, the spirituality of shamanism: my paintings are the metaphor of events that the social context imposes each day. They come from emotive impulses, from the consciousness of values to be saved, be these related to nature, to tradition or to the culture that nourishes us.

Painting, sculpture or any other expressive form should shake the viewer up and speak to him in ways other forms of communication cannot.

I paint on different supports – printed canvases, soft canvases or stretched canvases, sheets of paper, jute or canvas: their use is imposed before the painting is begun because the subject is already clearly in my mind.

There is always the issue of the blank canvas, the intensity of the colors, the choice of materials that will form the painting. There is always the doubt that harmony and balance may be lacking in the finished work, and then, I face the challenge of producing a sincere work of art."


Paolo Stefani

Landscapes of Soul

March 4th – 26th, 2011

Selected Works