Artist Statement

"My paint is very colorful and seeks always the contrast between light and darkness. It is a mix between abstract and graphic design. Always positive whatever the topic may be, my work explores birth, love, eroticism, war, nature and the biological definition of the cell.

My water lily is the best symbol of this precious life that we treasure. This flower which links to the water, source of the life, is everywhere in my work. Like a flag of tolerance and respect, it proclaims the joy of glorious life.

I am painting through the night until sunrise when everything is quiet in the house. Like a moth, I am tracking the light, tracking life. I am just at the beginning of my journey, so this is why my first show is called Bonsoir- a French 'good evening' and 'welcome'.

I hope you will enjoy it."




February 5th – 28th, 2010

Selected Works

[Left] Jardin (2006) acrylic on canvas, 65 x 92 cm
[Right] Logical Snow Path (2008) acrylic on canvas, 91 x 122 cm