Mya Kerner is a Philadelphia-based artist working primary in three dimensional form. Following opportunity throughout the US as well as abroad, she collects relevant artifacts and experiences which serve as the foundation for her artwork. By observing interaction between people, she uses these artifacts to express the bonds which hold us together. Mya attempts to capture something of existence in her work by weaving her field work together with research into mythology and the structure of the cosmos.

Artist Statement

I perceive the universe as a vast web which flows through individual, vibrating points in oneness. Structure relies on the formation of connections between these points; therefore, a purpose of belonging promotes attraction within the cosmos. With every movement, being radiates outward, affecting all other points in the web. As humans, we draw significance from these connections as we seek to define our being.

This is my departure.

Moments of tangible correlation kindle my inspiration. Beginning with collected fragments, I explore their conversation and assist in a manifestation of belonging. Chance is a necessary consideration in my process; the materials move according to themselves, and, I am left with an artifact of their dance. This dance yields a transcendence of materiality as individuality gives way to the whole.


Mya kerner

Moments of Tangible Correlation

May 3rd – 25th, 2013

Selected Works

Untitled, Wood and Cement