Dominika Szelagowska (1977) was born in Gdansk, Poland. She joined Sculpture Department of Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, later graduated in pedagogical study Art Education. Her other fields of interest are ceramics and landscape design.

"I feel uncomfortable when talking about my art; words are not the medium I'm used to work with, always seem inconvenient. Creating art is my affirmation of World and Life. Perhaps I understand art in a typical European, emotional and romantic way. Fortunately emotions affecting me are mostly positive. The need for creation emerges from feeling of joy and happiness, freedom, fulfillment and curiosity of world. The most obvious things, still the most powerful ones.

I'm not seeking for solitude, quite the opposite; however I can better see and memorize when I'm alone. Surroundings move my imagination. It can be urban space as well as wild nature, long journey or glimpse through the window. Sound, smell, warmth of sun or coldness of wind connected with some particular place... all are equally important as light and colours.

Although my works are abstract, for me it is a landscape living in memory. Painting is like a trip or adventure, when what has been planned comes across unexpected."


Dominika Szelagowska

Selected Works

June 4th – 26th, 2010

Selected Works