Artist Statement

"Reminiscences. As a little boy I drew my friends in a school notebook. As a mature man, father of two sons, I review old photographs and sketches of children on a napkin, sitting at a cafe table.The motif of a child appears in my works. Many artists over the past centuries have used the theme of a child in painting. Among them were outstanding Polish painters: S.Wyspianski, O.Boznanska and T.Makowski. This theme only seems to be easy. I did not want to portray children with photographic precision, but I was rather interested in presenting them in everday situations.

Reminiscences. I remeber my childhood friends and the carefree years we spent together. They are on my paintings and that is how I remebered them.

Reminiscences.While going to the theatre, I watch children playing in the squares and in the streets. I am suprised to discover that they play the same way I used to play years ago.

Each of us has our own reminiscences. Are yours similar?"


Dariusz Manel


October 1st – 30th, 2010

Selected Works