Artist Statement

"The drawing experiment extends with the dripping following the contours of the charcoal crayon sketch on the canvas. Before I start painting, I usually draw a study where I let empty spaces appear . Then comes painting and I lay down my blanks on the drawing’ voids, which greatly facilitate my work on values.

"The shapes of each character interlock to bring strength to the passionate impulse. I only try to speak of the human. My paintings appeal to senses. The characters are at human scale in order to penetrate the viewer and remind him of his carnal skin. Some might say my painting is hedonistic. Erotic, sensual, but certainly not pornographic.

"I want to show stretched and torn flesh, and arouse both desire and disgust.

"In order to underline movement in my paintings, I never « close » the shapes. I leave gaps in the characters to play with form and content. It allows me to avoid a too illustrative painting that would be boring because deprived of all movement.

"The blanks in the painting answer to the blanks outside the painting. Mile Davis thought the silences inbetween notes mattered as much as the melody itself, and I think that everything that is not drawn or painted matters as much as what is shown. The power of suggestion liberates our senses."


Damien Legrain

November 1st – 23rd, 2013

Selected Works

As Loud as Hell (2013)
glycero on canvas, 39 x 31 inches