Ania Milo emerged onto the art scene in early 2010 and making her own unique style of art with her passionate, expressive, and raw energy, she quickly found many admirers of her work. Milo’s art is transformative and transmutative as she uses her own multifaceted emotions to create works that reach to the depths of the souls of those who view them.

Art for Ania is a personal journey of wholeness, self-discovery, and spiritual fulfillment because through her artwork she continues to discover her authentic self and as she states: “creating art is a way of finding out who I am.” Which has not been an easy thing for this sensitive and creative woman to figure out.

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland behind the Iron Curtain of Communism until the age of 13, Ania always felt the great divide between the luxurious, colorful and rich beauty of her native culture and the imposed “sameness” and dullness of the oppressive Communist Regime. She often escaped the dreariness of her very-day life to Krakow’s Old Town Art District, where she wondered the halls of spectacular churches and galleries and looked upon paintings like the Mona Lisa.

The inspiration for Milo’s paintings comes from various sources. Mostly from within, based on her own thoughts and feelings, but music, dreams, or an engaging conversation, can trigger an image in her mind’s eye that will urge her to allow it to come into existence. Ania says that before she can start painting the images hidden inside her compel her to bring them to life and fueled by this urgency, color explodes onto the canvas and in that moment she experiences a deep spiritual awakening. “My soul is set free into a world where anything is possible and no boundaries exist. As I continue to work, I do not always see what the finished painting will look like, but I sense it, I feel it, I know it. It builds and develops in front of my eyes. I create it. I give it life.”

Ania not only paint abstracts, but also express her love and admiration for animals by creating unique, whimsical and delightful animal portraits. Her connection with each and every animal she paints is evident with every finished commission. She gives every animal life and when you look into each one of their eyes, you can see into their animal soul.


Ania Milo

Artistic Tails - Pet Portraits

November 2nd – 30th, 2012

Selected Works