Andrea Beizer was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956. She studied Art in high school, received a BFA in Painting in 1978 and a Master of Architecture in 1982. After completing her degree in architecture, she worked for architectural design firms in and around Philadelphia prior to opening her own architecture and design firm The AEB Design Group in 1993.

While practicing architecture, she developed a cartoon strip called "Alice © " which was published monthly from 1984 - 1989 in the Philadelphia Architect and was also published in the Manhattan Comic News.

Upon passing the architectural examinations and receiving her license, she decided to take up painting again at Fleisher Art Memorial, a free art school in Philadelphia. As her passion for painting took over, she reduced the size of her architecture practice in order to devote more time to her artwork, and opened a painting studio in 2003, moving to her present location in the Artists Building at 915 Spring Garden Street in downtown Philadelphia in 2006.

Artist Statement

"For the last several years I have been exploring the spiritual realm. This has included research into the Judeo-Christian tradition including Kabala, Hinduism, and Buddhism as well as a variety of tribal traditions.

As an artist I believe that it is important to respond to the world we live in, either through perceived reality or through spirituality. In my work, symbols are used to represent something other than themselves and as a way of bridging these realms to us. Thus, the use of saturated color and line are utilized as a tool to get at the raw emotion or energy of a subject.

My paintings and drawings do not represent religious stories, but may infer aspects drawn from them. My artwork is based on my own visions and dreams that have been inspired by my search into these realms."


Andrea Beizer

Paintings and Drawings

April 6th – 28th, 2012

Selected Works

Under the Sun and Moon
oil on canvas, 4' x 4'