Artist Statement

"I view art as a conversation about humanity. Being a part of the universe, we hold a universe inside of us. Cosmos within a cosmos.

I like to look at my life and examine every detail, every minute of seemingly ordinary circumstances as if I see it not with two but three or more eyes. I am trying to catch the transcendental of the world. World from which we all came, from what we are made of in an essence, but rarely acknowledge it. Nevertheless I think we can all feel or guess that we are constantly surrounded by “structures” greater than the eye can see. And although these transcendental structures are for the most part invisible, they do manifest themselves in the visible world. In my art I show a human figures that can visualize and materirialize their inspirations.

Imagery that I use is a transformation similar to that is in a dream. Human being is a planet, is the path. These are the main images in my works. I give specific tasks to my characters. They are explorers, guides that tie together threads of my day to day life with that other also day to day life but only less visible. It seems to me that men have to correlate their wishes, acts and worries with cosmos so to gain a better perspective. This is what I strive to gain and contemplate on when I create.

I use different materials to create my artwork. It could be paper, burnt paper and honey, canvas or an old wood that I find. I’ve used many kinds of paints, pens, pencils even rust. I don’t favor any one particular technique because I believe that every image, every idea demands it’s own way of expression. It’s own color palette."


Alexander Oukrainskiy

Selected Works

May 6th – 28th, 2011

Selected Works